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One Stop Shopping for Peace, Justice, and Changing the World

July 12, 2010

The website is updated with a story about a new store in San Mateo, CA., called The Dove and Olive Works. It’s a combination of peace and social justice educational supplies and fair trade food items, such as olive oil and spices, from Palestine. But more than that, it also serves as office space for a company called Reach and Teach and the non-profit Rebuilding Alliance. The men who envisioned this space, Derrick Kikuchi and Craig Wiesner, also see it as a place for other non-profits and people to collaborate on ideas to change the world.

The store is interesting on its own, but also compelling is the story of Kikuchi and Wiesner, who came out of high tech to found their self-described “peace and social justice learning company” Reach and Teach. Along the way were life-changing trips to El Salvador and Afghanistan, as well as encounters with people who would point them toward a fascinating future.

I hope you read the story and pass along the link to your friends. Also, if you’re on Twitter, please follow us! We’re at And you can follow us on Facebook at

Peace Pendant

A peace pendant from Reach and Teach and The Dove and Olive Works

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