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Financial Planner Adds Value to Groups Aiding Africa by Leading Unique Collaboration

November 12, 2010

SANTA CLARA, CA. – Jeff Chow is a walking, talking social graph for philanthropy. You can almost see the lines and bubbles emanate from him as he thinks out loud about the volunteers and nonprofit organizations he connects.

Jeff Chow

Jeff Chow motions while talking at a recent Collaborate for Africa meeting.

Any meeting with Chow is chock full of ideas and stories about numerous non-profits and people doing good in the world. If you share your story Chow will immediately rattle off a list of people he can put you in touch with who might be able to help you or at least share a similar story.

Out of this virtual social graph of Chow’s was born a group called Collaborate for Africa, a gathering of Bay Area organizations and individuals working to help people in the far-off continent.

It started one year ago, in November, 2009, with 25 people who were involved in philanthropic work for Africa, and now a year later there are 230 people on Chow’s e-mail list. Chow said about 20 to 30 people attend meetings on the second Thursday of every month at Santa Clara University.

“It’s exploded beyond any of my wildest expectations,” the Sunnyvale resident said.


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